32 thoughts on “2017 r/BodyBuilding Census

  1. This is a good census/survey and I am interested in seeing our community results.

    /u/meatsnake9 don’t let us down


  2. tfw 4k calories is the highest option.

    I chose unemployed but it says “if student or employed” is a mandatory question

  3. I really don’t like how you split up the height stuff. Last year the perfect bell curve with a little dip at 5’11” was hilarious. This year the brackets are too wide where 99% of guys will fall in the two categories between 5’8″ and 6’4″.

  4. I feel like arms should be listed as one single option, rather than separating it into biceps and triceps. Neither biceps nor triceps alone is responsible for contributing to aesthetics, rather the proportion between the two. Either one more developed than the other and the aesthetics is gone.

  5. “Back” is a double option for one of the questions. And “important” is spelled wrong as “import” in another question. Otherwise, great survey! Looking forward to the results!

  6. I know we are trying to be politically correct with having an “other” option for gender, but I would like to remind everyone that there is no “other” category for bodybuilding competitions.

  7. > How many days/week do you train?

    > 7+

    You wot m8, do we have to go over how many days there are in a week again?

    Srs though, thanks for making the census

  8. No trades option for employment? It seems like every other person on this sub is in college but there’s got to be a decent chunk in the trades.

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