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  1. Interesting. The choices for height was retarded though. For instance, if you were 5’8 you could’ve picked from either categories – although most would pick the 5’8-6′ for obvious reasons.

  2. /u/MeatSnake9 thank you for doing the work and providing our community with the well put together census and results.

  3. Interesting 16% here are doing the 4 day split (Back, Chest, Legs, Shoulders). Don’t here it talked about much compared to PPL and yet PPL makes up only 26%.

  4. wtf??? my bodyfat is 16% and I was off the skinfold scale (38.1mm), have you guys had your bodyfats measured proporly before or is everyone fucking mad shredded

  5. I’m curious, and anyone who fits the category feel free to chime in. The VAST majority did not or will not compete. Of BOTH of those categories, what stops you from competing or really forces you not to CONSIDER competing?

    I ask because this is such a specialized sport and for such a large community it seems (which seems relatively accurate to how I’ve seen it around the world… and rightfully so for several reasons) the vast majority are in it for the aesthetics as opposed to the information and application. Those who WANT to compete but didn’t, what specifically is stopping you?

    I think if we can figure out the aspirations and roadblocks of the community, maybe the seasoned competitors can help identify red flags or ways ahead when people stall or become reluctant to just take the leap.

  6. Thanks for compiling the data. Was age a reported metric? I’d be interested to see the age breakdown of the sub.

  7. An interesting question to go along with “Did you compete?” would be if you are actually interested in bodybuilding as a sport

  8. IMO those responses to the diet questions do not jive with the body fat distribution, unless you’re undereating and skinny.

    You’re not getting to 10 percent bodyfat by “eating whatever you want”.

  9. I thought I was cool thinking I have a sick fucking back and tiny as fucking hell waist, but I guess so does everyone else lol

  10. Updates to requests and further Analysis:

    Request from /u/goljanismydad : [Age Breakdown](https://imgur.com/a/RyilP) ([Last Year](https://imgur.com/a/0ZnzA) for comparison)

    **Gender:** 97.2% Male, 2.3% Female, 0.3% Apache Attack Helicopters (2016 was 96.8% Male, 2.5% Female)

    **Average r/bb Member:** Male, Single, 5’8″ – 6′, USA (Midwest), currently 185 lb, in Computer Science, Squats 315, Benches 245, Deadlifts 400, hates training abs, Only counts calories when cutting, uses IIFYM, TDEE of 2500-2700, natty, does not compete

    **1 Year Comparison:**

    | 2016 | 2017
    % Single | 58.2% | 54.1%
    % in USA | 59.5% | 63%
    Median Squat (lb.) | ~325 | 315
    Median Bench (lb.) | ~235 | 245
    Median Deadlift (lb.) | ~395 | 400
    % Natty | 88.1% | 84.9%
    % Competed | 3.3% | 5.3%
    Biggest Weakpoint | Chest | Chest
    Favorite to Train | Chest | Back (over Chest by .1%)

    Edit 1: Formatting and a Link

    Edit 2: Comparisons with 2016 Census

    Edit 3: Average r/bb member profile

  11. Really cool and informative, though i feel like the bodyfat one is skewed a little on the lean side, but that makes sense as most people think they are leaner than they actually are.

  12. Finally, objective evidence that I am above average.

    I also like how arms seem to be neither the favourite, nor least favourite body part to train for most. I love hitting arms. Almost as much as chest.

  13. Honestly, I’m pretty proud of this sub. For how self-deprecating this sub is about “most people here are small”, “don’t even lift”, etc. a lot of these stats are pretty respectable for casual lifters, especially given how young the sub is. Lots of people putting up good lifts (I consider 1/2/3/4 to be good) and a third of us spent time below 10% bf this year (that stat should be higher, I’d be damned to ever go above 12 which itself is rare to reach, but still not bad). Good job bros.

  14. This is great! Thanks for doing this. Here’s a few suggestions for the survey next year. Just because I love surveys and data.

    * What supplements do you use? (Creatine, caffeine, BCAAs, Beta Alanine, Citrulline Malate, Store-bought Preworkout, Protein Powder, etc.)

    * How many grams of protein do you eat each day? (Both absolute and per pound bodyweight)

    * When you cut, how many pounds do you lose per week? (0-0.5, 0.5-1.0, 1.0-1.5, 1.5-2.0, 2.0+, etc)

    * When you bulk, how many pounds do you gain per week? (0-0.5, 0.5-1.0, 1.0-1.5, 1.5-2.0, 2.0+, etc)

    * Visible abs? (No, defined abs, six pack, gut, etc.)

    * Do you have a gym buddy? (Yes more than one, one buddy, I go to the gym alone)

    * What do you work out in? (Stringer, long sleeve, short sleeve, cut sleeves, etc)

    * How do you measure your bodyfat (visually, calipers, electric current, I don’t)

    * My greatest source of protein each day is (chicken, fish, other meat, dairy, whey, soy, etc)

    * Longest break I’ve taken from the gym this year (no break, less than a week, 1 week, 2 weeks, 3-4 weeks, more than a month)

    * How often do you deload? (Less than 4 weeks, 4-8 weeks, 8-12 weeks, more than 12 weeks, I don’t deload)

    * My weakness cheat food (pizza, Chinese, candy, baked goods, greasy diner food, etc.)

    * How I feel about my body type (I’m too small, I’m too fat, both of the above, I feel great)

    * How many injuries in the past year? (0, 1, 2, 3, more than 3)

    * How long have you been weight lifting / bodybuilding? (less than 1 year, 1 year, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc)

    * What age did you start weight lifting / bodybuilding? (Before 18, 18-22, 22-26, 26-30, 30+)

    * When do you do your workouts? (Morning, afternoon, evening, night, immediately after waking up, immediately after work, etc)

    * What do you eat before workouts? (Preworkout mix, a piece of fruit, coffee, an energy drink, a meal, nothing, etc)

    * How far away is your gym from your home? (0-5 minutes, 5-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30+, or in distance)

    * How much cardio do you do per week? (Hours)

    * What other sports / fitness do you do?

    * Do you groom body hair? (I don’t have any, I shave it, I trim it, I let it rage, I only maintain upper body hair)

    * Do you tan? (Tanning bed, sunlight tanning, spray tan, no intentional tanning, only in the summer, etc.)

    * What lifting equipment do you use? (Belt, gloves, chalk, wraps, etc)

    * Where do you workout? (Home gym, community center, small local gym, large chain gym, church gym, school gym, work gym, etc.)

    * How often do you take flexing pictures of yourself? (daily, weekly, monthly, a few times per year, never)

    * I judge others in the gym for (not reracking weights, reracking weights improperly, using equipment incorrectly, poor form, partial range of motion, loud conversations, phone use, slacking off, taking equipment for too long, I don’t judge anyone for anything, etc)

  15. I made some more visualizations with the raw data. They aren’t very useful but just fun to mess around with. Thanks /u/MeatSnake9 for linking the raw data in here.


    If anyone wants to see any specific grouping let me know and I can chart it however you want.

  16. Some pretty obvious numbers in that. I liked how people think their perceived weak points/fave to train were.

    Also: who are you who are eating 3700 calories?

  17. There’s a chance I’m the only married guy who eats keto who trains full body whose favorite body part to train is shoulders on this entire sub.

  18. Wow I’m in the bottom 10% for a lot of these questions with being married, competing, and biceps being my least favorite muscle to train.

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