23 thoughts on “2013 vs 2017 NY Professional Males’s Physique Comparability

  1. There needs to be a weight limit on this class just as there is in Men’s Classic and 212, these guys are heavier than the classic competitors.

  2. Ok what’s the point of this? Put everyone in the bodybuilding banana hammocks and all 3 classes (MP, classic, and BB) and you have just the SLIGHTEST differences- tell me that more than half of these dudes wouldn’t place in classic

  3. The guys in 2013 actually suit the notorious MP criteria of the “perfect attainable healthy fitness lifestyle beach bod look”.

  4. actually, less of a visual difference than I would have expected…the biggest difference across the board is shoulder and lat size so much more developed in the 2017 photo

  5. I just don’t understand why they still wear the knee length board shorts, especially with how popular the shorter ones have gotten in the last year or two.

  6. It’s gone from “lil’ bit of test here & there” to “bro, can I borrow your tren”

  7. The main difference I see is that the lats blew the fuck up. 2013’s field looks more aesthetic to the average person, in my opinion. They’re smaller by a tiny bit but they look more proportional solely because of their lats. The blown out lats just don’t look right in Physique to me. In the O, I think you need to be flying squirrel mode and it looks a lot better when you’re nearly 300 lbs at 5’6″. In physique I’d prefer them to tone the lats down just a tiny bit so it fits in well with the rest of their body.

  8. Well piss…

    At least their posing has gotten better to make the judges and audience think there is a quad in the house.

  9. Is it just me or does it seem like every pro physique competitor has the same physique? I mean, we can see the differences, but if you showed the average person this they would pick a winner based on some totally random reason.

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